Non-immigrant Visas

H-1B temporary employment visa for professional being offered jobs by US employers. This is the most popular category for foreign students who graduate from US universities and for experienced professionals in foreign countries who are sponsored by US companies and entities. Most candidates must first register for the visa lottery in March of every year. Only selected candidates are eligible to file for H-1B. Certain institutions of higher education are exempt from the H-1B cap and lottery registration. Generally, the maximum period allowed is six years.

L-1 visas for international managers, executives and highly technical workers, who are transferred to the US branch, affiliate or subsidiary of foreign entities. This is one of the top categories for foreign companies to transfer such professionals to work temporarily in the US. For certain executives and managers this may allow the entities to file for green card petitions under EB-1C. Generally the maximum period allowed is 5-6 years.

TN Visa for Canadians and Mexican citizens, for select professionals to work in the US under the NAFTA. There is no maximum period set under the rules.

R-1 visa for religious workers and monks/priests at temples, churches, mosques gurudwara. The maximum period allowed is 5 years.

E-2 visa for investors from certain countries with whom the US has signed treaties of trade and commerce. There is no maximum period set under the rules.

E-3 temporary employment visa only for citizens of Australia, similar to H-1B. Granted in increments of 2 years with no maximum period set under the rules.

O-1 visas for persons of extraordinary ability in arts, sciences, business, athletics for 1 year at a time with no maximum time period set under the rules

P-3 visas for artists and entertainers performing culturally unique programs. The individuals or groups must be well known in their countries/regions. Admitted for 1 year with annual extensions possible in certain cases.

K-1 visa for fiancé(e) of a US citizen if they have met in person within the 2 years of filing the petition. Must marry the petitioner within 90 days or return to home country

F-1 student visas. We provide consultations re complex F-1 related issues, especially with change of status to or from F-1

B-1/B-2 visitor visas. We provide consultations re complex visitor visa related issues, such as extensions of stay and change to other status